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IFRRO International Conference 2021: Registration is now open for the first of three events

Submitted by veraliah on Tue, 10/05/2021 - 11:33

IFRRO is launching its 2021 International Conference, an open event, with a series of three symposia with the overall theme Copyright & Collective Licensing: New Demands in the New Decade. These events kindly programmed by Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) will comprise three 60 minutes virtual events, featuring each three speakers from different organizations, industries and countries.

The first event for which registration is now open, Deadline 2030: The Shape of Things to Come, will take place on 14 October at noon CET featuring the following speakers: Ted Shapiro, Partner, Wiggin, Brussels; Ang Kwee Tiang, SVP, Asia Public Policy, Universal Music Group; and Silke von Lewinski, Senior Research Fellow, Intellectual Property and Competition Law, Max Planck Institute for Innovation & Competition. They will be discussing what the world of copyright will look like by decade’s end, including how pandemic-driven change in education and research might shape the future of intellectual property, and what role the copyright community will have as positive influencers on economic and cultural development. The event will also address how technological advancement challenges the ways in which we regulate intellectual property and ask whether such challenges will break or strengthen copyright and licensing. The discussion will be moderated by Tracey Armstrong, CEO, CCC and Chair of the International Conference.

The second event, UN Sustainable Development Goals: The Way Ahead for Publishing and the Content Industries, will take place on 10 November, noon CET. The third and final event, Moving RROs Beyond Text, will be on 2 December, noon CET.

Further details about the full programme of the International Conference can be found here. For more information on these events and to register, please contact at the IFRRO Secretariat.