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IFRRO joins the WIPO for Creators initiative

Submitted by veraliah on Fri, 07/30/2021 - 09:05

A year ago, WIPO launched a ground-breaking initiative to support creators all around the world. We are pleased to report that IFRRO has formally joined this initiative.

WIPO for Creators is a public-private partnership between WIPO and the creative sector. Stakeholders can join at three different levels: “Friends” (individual creators), “Sponsors” (who will support activities through financial or in-kind contributions) and “Members” (legal entities and trade associations representing creators or creative industry stakeholders). IFRRO has joined WIPO for Creators as a Member.

WIPO for Creators will implement different types of activities to raise awareness around creators’ individual rights, targeting in particular those creators who are not familiar with copyright and therefore are missing out on potential revenues. A rights awareness platform, with the aim of supporting creators worldwide across the many different creative fields, will be developed. As set out by WIPO, the platform will be “a creator-driven service in the form of high-quality interactive ‘Microlearning' videos, featuring high-profile creators from every creative industry”.

IFRRO looks forward to contributing to this platform and representing rightsholders from the text and image sector together with the International Authors Forum and the International Publishers Association, who have joined this initiative, too, as well as with other international federations.