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Yayincilar Telif Haklari ve Lisanslama Meslek Birligi / Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society

Submitted by jboyd on Thu, 11/03/2011 - 08:34
YAYBIR /, Yayincilar Telif Haklari ve Lisanslama Meslek Birligi / Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society
İnönü Caddesi No:57 Meriç Apt. K:6 D:8
Gumussuyu, Beyoglu, Istanbul
+90 (212) 512 42 10 - 14
+90 (212) 512 42 15
Chief Executive Name
Mustafa Aksoy
Chief Executive Title
Chief Executive Email
Key representative
Hakan Tanıttıran
Deputy Chairperson & Secretary General
Key representative
Doruk Tatar
International Relations
History of the organisation
YAYBIR became operational following the acquisition of legal personality in April 2006. YAYBIR has 284 members in the areas of trade, educational and academic publishing.
YAYBIR is a professional society established to protect the joint interests of its members who reproduce and distribute scientific and literary works by assignment of economic rights from the owners of works or beneficiaries via agreements made within the context of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works (LIAW), to ensure the management and pursuance of their rights, to ensure collection of the receivable fees and their distribution to the rightsholders.
YAYBIR also fights against pirate publishing, provides legal support and establishes legal protection by ensuring that the pirated materials are seized by law enforcement officers.
Year of incorporation
Year of first distribution
Year of first collection
Total number of Board Members
How are Board Members elected
Total number of Author Representatives
Total number of Publisher Representatives
Remarks about the Board
All Board members are publishers.
Total Number of Member Associations
Total Publishers' Associations
Total Creators' (authors and visual artists) Associations
Total Rights holders represented
Remarks about the members
All members are rights holding publishers.
Staff total number
January 1 - December 31
Type of National legislation
Civil Law
Other Law
Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works – LIAW (copyright act),
Berne Convention (ratified),
Rome Convention (ratified),
TRIPS (ratified),
WIPO Marrakesh Treaty (signed),
WIPO Copyright Treaty (ratified),
WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty (ratified)
Licensing system
Voluntary Licencing schemes, with potential back-up in Copyright Laws
Other licensing system
Equipment Levy
Mandating Rights Holders
OTHER LICENCES - Public Lending Rights
Are deductions for cultural and/or social purposes made?
New developments / legislation
Proposed Amendment Bill (of the copyright act) includes:

Draft provisions for PLR and non-voluntary licensing (reprography) with remuneration to be shared between authors and publishers.

Draft provisions for equipment levies (collected by the state) to be distributed to rightsholders through RROs.
New developments / licensing
In February 2019, the Joint Licensing Platform (OLP) was formed by a protocol signed by and between seven collective management organizations, namely Course and Culture Books Publishers Professional Association (DEKMEB), Educational Publishers Society (EGITIMYAYBIR), Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society (TBYM), Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society (YAYBIR), Copyright Holders Association of Literary and Scientific Works (BESAM), Translators Society (CEVBIR), and Scientific and Literary Work Owners Society (ILESAM). The objective of the Platform is to implement an up-to-date, transparent, fair, and dynamic joint licensing system in the publishing sector. There are currently four commissions within the Platform working on the statute, database, educational publishing, and academic publishing, and the input to be provided by these commissions will give shape to the structure and mode of operation of the Joint Licensing Platform.
Number of Bilateral agreements type A
Bilateral agreements type A with
AAS, Azerbaijan
Number of Bilateral agreements type B
Bilateral agreements type B with
KORRA, Korea.
Other agreements with RROs
Pilot Bilateral Agreement with CLA, UK; Pilot Bilateral Agreement with ICLA, Ireland.
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