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Verwertungsgesellschaft Bild-Kunst

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VG Bild-Kunst, Verwertungsgesellschaft Bild-Kunst
Weberstrasse 61
+49 228 91 53 416
+49 228 91 53 438
Chief Executive Name
Urban Pappi
Chief Executive Title
Managing Director
Chief Executive Phone
Chief Executive Email
Key representative
Anke Schierholz
Head of Legal Department
Key representative
Stefan Barbian
Head of operations
+49 228 9153446
Year of incorporation
Year of first distribution
Year of first collection
Total number of Board Members
How are Board Members elected
by members directly
Total number of Author Representatives
Total number of Publisher Representatives
Remarks about the Board
three professional groups (fine art, photography, design and illustration, audiovisual) have 6 board members each, one of them being a publisher or producer.
Remarks about the members
Approx. 59.000 rights holders represented. Only individual rights holders can become members; no membership for associations.
Staff total number
Remarks about staff
21 part-time
January 1 - December 31
Type of National legislation
Civil Law
Licensing system
Non voluntary licence - legal licence
Other licensing system
direct primary licensing for fine art (reproduction and broadcasting)
Mandating Rights Holders
authors and publishers
REPROGRAPHIC LICENCES - Types of works licensed
fine art, photography, design and illustration
Types of uses licensed
private and personal use, reprographic private copying, private copying, educational and research use, document delivery, press digests
Types of institutions/sectors licensed
educational and research institutions, public librairies, other librairies (document delivery), copyshops (operator levy) companies and organisations (press digests)
DIGITAL LICENCES - Types of works licensed
fine art, photography, design and illustration
Types of uses licensed
retro-digitisation, educational and research intranets, electronic press digests, educational and research intranet uses
Types of institutions/sectors licensed
schools and universities, librairies, companies and organisations
OTHER LICENCES - Public Lending Rights
Other areas of licensing
Primary reproduction rights (including online rights), resale rights for fine art authors.
Distribution methods
Both title-specific distribution and non title-specific distribution
Statistical surveys
Objective availability
Possibility to be copied
% Author/Publisher Split
after ECJ (HP./.Reprobel) and german Suprem Court (Publishers´share) a flat share for publishers is no longer allowed; publishers may enter claims assigned by non-members; as from 2018 members may assign a fixed share to individual publishers
Text authors’ % share
VG Wort
Publishers' % share
No information yet; new system of claims
Visual material authors’ % share
Administration costs as a percentage
3,31 % (extraordinary income, 2916: 6,27%)
Are deductions for cultural and/or social purposes made?
Cultural deductions as a percentage
max 6,5 %
Social deductions as a percentage
max 4 %
Cultural and social deductions combined as a percentage
max.10 % (PLR, Cable fine Art)
Remarks about administrative and other costs
overall administration costs for all fields of licensing, fixed admin costs for primanry rights licensing
Remarks about cultural an social deductions
independent social and kultural schemes for Fine Art Members and collective rights members; deductions made according to financial needs of the schemes; deductions vary from fields of income
New developments / legislation
Implemetation of CMO directive and its´implementation into German law (VGG): Adaptation of statutes and reproting syste
Levies for all devices (digital and analogue) are set
New developments / court cases
consequences of ECJ (HP./. Reprobel) and German Supreme Court ("Publishers´ share"): correction of the distribution scheme, no flat share for Publishers, only claim based on assigned rights from non-members, call-back of all payments to publishers after 2012; as from 2018 members may share their revenues with individual publishers (fixed share in teh distribution scheme)
New developments / surveys and statistics
empirical studies on sources of digital privat copying and analogue private copying
Number of Bilateral agreements type A
Bilateral agreements type A with
reprographic remuneration is exchanged through the CISAC network of visual collecting societies
Number of Bilateral agreements type B
Bilateral agreements type B with
Remarks about financial data
Except for the total amount collected for all licensing, the figures given refer to reprographic licensing of still images only. Our statistics make no difference in distribution to national or foreign rightsholders -foreign rightsholders enjoy full natio
Total amount collected for all licensing
56 347 615.38
Total amount collected for reproduction licensing
3 815 798.92
Total amount collected nationally for reproduction licensing
2 430 411.65
Amount for schools
1 204 968.41
Amount for further education
2 194 283.00
Amount for higher education
1 374 435.47
Amount for government
Amount for business
Amount for other sector(s)
Levies on equipment and other mediums
22 499 322.63
Total amount collected for PLR
998 454.61
Total amount received for licensing from other RROs world-wide
1 698 001.71
Total amount received for reproduction licensing from other RROs world-wide
1 385 387.27
Total amount distributed from all licensing
30 281 450.00
Total amount distributed from reproduction licensing
Total amount distributed to national rightsholders
124 547 481.18
Total amount distributed to national rightsholders from reproduction licensing
2 161 985.27
to publishers and visual creator organisations
to visual creators organisations
to collecting societies only
to individual artists only
2 161 985.27
Total Amount distributed to foreign RROs
16 974 131.15
Total amount distributed from PLR
1 099 000.00
Administration Charge (actual figure)
4 721 099.64
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