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Stichting Reprorecht

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SR, Stichting Reprorecht
Kruisweg 793-795, 2132 NG, Hoofddorp
P.O. Box 3060, 2130 KB, Hoofddorp
Chief Executive Name
Ms. G.J.A. Valkering
Chief Executive Title
Independent Chair of the Board
Chief Executive Email
Key representative
Mr. M.P. Bakker Schut
Managing Director
Key representative
Ms. M.S. van der Jagt
External Legal Counsel
History of the organisation
The Reproduction Rights Organisation ‘Stichting Reprorecht’ (SR) was founded in 1974 by authors’ and publishers’ organisations. SR’s aim is to promote, on a non-profit basis, the interests of authors, other copyright holders and publishers with regard to matters of reprographic copyright. In 1985 the Dutch Minister of Justice appointed SR as the exclusive collection and distribution agency for revenues accrued from Dutch reproduction rights.
Year of incorporation
Year of first distribution
Year of first collection
Total number of Board Members
Total number of Author Representatives
Total number of Publisher Representatives
Remarks about the Board
Part of the SR appointment as an independent rights organisation entails government supervision. The Minister of Justice has instituted the Dutch copyright board, which, since the inception in 1985, has consulted with the SR general board and the SR presidium about the progress of its activities a number of times a year. The SR general board consists of eight members appointed by the various text and visual authors’ organisations, eight members appointed by the various publishers’ organisations and a independent chairperson. The SR presidium (two authors' members, two publishers' members and the independent chairperson) supervises the tasks delegated to the SR staff.

SR presidium:
Ms. G.J.A. Valkering (Independent Chair),
Mr. P.H. Bon (Publisher Representative),
Mr. J.M. Buizer (Publisher Representative, Treasurer),
Ms. J.D. Holthuis (Visual Author Representative, Vice-Chair),
Ms. J.L. Verschuur (Text Author Representative).
Remarks about the members
No members: Hundreds of publishers and many thousands of authors (text and visual authors) are represented.
Staff total number
Remarks about staff
the SR staff is part of CEDAR, the shared services center of seven Dutch copyright collective management organizations: Reprorecht, Leenrecht, Thuiskopie, PRO, UvO, LIRA and VEVAM.
January 1 - December 31
Type of National legislation
Civil Law
Other Law
Dutch Copyright Law permits the making of photocopies for private use, providing this is limited to small sections of books, or short articles from daily newspapers or magazines. Photocopies made for private use may only be used by the person copying them and may not be issued to others. Educational institutions, libraries, government agencies and other institutions working in the public interest may issue photocopies for internal use to students, mutual lending between libraries and to civil servants respectively – providing fair compensation is paid to SR for these copies. The reproduction right fee, set in 1974 and still effective today, is € 0.045 per copy. Only non-scientific educational institutions pay € 0.011 per copy per page. The Act of 28 March 2002 for the amendment of the Dutch Copyright Act of 1912 with regards to reprographic reproduction was published in Dutch State Book 186. After a legislation process lasting years, the effect of reproduction rights has been extended to the Dutch business sector. This law has been implemented in February 2003.
Licensing system
Legal Licence
Other licensing system
SR has been mandated by organizations of rightholders (text/visual authors and publishers) to grant licences with respect to sheet music and to certain forms of digital use in addition to the legal licence.
REPROGRAPHIC LICENCES - Types of works licensed
Professional and scientific journals and books; Educational texts; Sheet music; Newspapers, Literary works and general books; Magazines for the General Readership; Visual works.
Types of uses licensed
Reproduction in hardcopy form, for example by photocopying.
Types of institutions/sectors licensed
All sectors
DIGITAL LICENCES - Types of works licensed
Professional and scientific journals and books, Educational texts, Sheet Music, Newspapers, Literary works and general books, Magazines for the General Readership, Visual works, all as well as digital representations thereof.
Types of uses licensed
Scanning, Printing, Emailing attachment, Saving on the hard disk of the Licensee, Posting on the intranet, all subject to further conditions as set out in the licence conditions.
Types of institutions/sectors licensed
All sectors
OTHER LICENCES - Public Lending Rights
Outline of Distribution plan and methodology used
sample data according to category of works
Distribution methods
Non title-specific distribution
% Author/Publisher Split
Administration costs as a percentage
Are deductions for cultural and/or social purposes made?
Bilateral agreements type A with
Australia, Belgium, Canada and Québec, France, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, UK, USA, Switzerland.
Bilateral agreements type B with
Argentina, Denmark, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Korea, Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Vietnam.
Remarks about financial data
The data below relate to the provisional annual report for 2020. The amount collected for Government consists of: National, Municipal and Provincial government, District water boards, Publicly funded institutions and Public libraries.
Total amount collected for all licensing
26 193 000.00
Total amount collected for reproduction licensing
26 193 000.00
Total amount collected nationally for reproduction licensing
24 207 000.00
Amount for schools
6 794 000.00
Amount for higher education
3 624 000.00
Amount for government
1 346 000.00
Amount for business
12 443 000.00
Total amount received for licensing from other RROs world-wide
1 986 000.00
Total amount received for reproduction licensing from other RROs world-wide
1 986 000.00
Total amount distributed from all licensing
49 581 000.00
Total amount distributed from reproduction licensing
49 581 000.00
Total amount distributed to national rightsholders
46 817 000.00
Total amount distributed to national rightsholders from reproduction licensing
46 817 000.00
Total Amount distributed to foreign RROs
2 764 000.00
Administration Charge (actual figure)
2 257 000.00
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