Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique

SEAM, Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique

31, rue de Chateaudun
Phone: +33 1 42 96 76 46

Chief Executive:
Président -Gérant: Pierre Lemoine

Directrice Générale: Philippine Girard-Leduc

Year of first distribution: 1992

Composition of Board:
Total number of Board Members: 18
How are Board Members elected: 11 Board members are statutories members and 7 are elected every 3 years.
Total number of Author Representatives: 6
Total number of Publisher Representatives: 12

Total number of Member Associations: 130
Total Publishers' Associations: 2
Total Creators' (authors and visual artists) Associations: 2
Remarks about the members: SEAM gathers together all the French music authors and publishers concerned by reprography (classical music, jazz, light music, liturgical and military music). SEAM represents all French music publishers plus3 author and composer unions (SNAC, UNAC,UCMF), 130 music publishers and the 2 music publisher unions CEMF and CSDEM.

DATES OF FINANCIAL YEAR January 1 - December 31

Type of National legislation :
Civil law: Yes
Common law: No

Licensing system:
Obligatory Collective Management
Mandating rights holders:
law or mandates

Reprographic licences
Types of works licensed: Music sheet (classical music, jazz, light music, liturgical and military music…),songs texts and teaching music books (if published by music publishers)....
Types of uses licensed (including, where applicable, course packs, document delivery): reprography of graphic music
Types of institutions/sectors licensed: Conservatories and music schools, universities, secondary schools, public institutes of teacher training, primary schools(a contract was signed in 2005). churches through SECLI which is part of SEAM. Harmonic orchestras, band, bandas, choirs...

Digital Licences
Types of works licensed: graphic music (music sheet, songs texts, music teaching books ..)
Types of uses licensed (including, where applicable, course packs,
document delivery and storage): digital private use of graphic music (CDR, DVDR, DDExt, Memory card, USB Key, cell phone, touchpad ...). SEAM also signed (like CFC for books) in march 2006 a contract with the Ministry of Education for the digital use of graphic music in the french educational system. Seam also gives "be to be" licences for the use of a lyrics database called BOEM (more than 70 000 titles in French and english) and distributes to the rightholders the royalties.
Types of institutions/sectors licensed: General public (private use). websites or others. All schools in the french educational system depending on the Ministry of Education. for private use: all sectors For the data base: principally websites.

Other Licences
Public Lending Rights: No

Title-specific distribution: No
Non title-specific distribution: No
Both title-specific distribution and non title-specific distribution: Yes
Full reporting: No
Sampling: No
Statistical surveys: Yes
Objective availability: Yes
Possibility to be copied: No

Number of Bilateral agreements type A: 4
Bilateral agreements type A with: SEMU, CEDRO, VG MUSIKEDITION, KOPINOR


Total amount collected for all licensing:
€ 5,474,947.00
Total amount collected for reproduction licensing:
€ 5,474,947.00
Total amount collected nationally for reproduction licensing:
€ 5,414,910.00
Total amount received for licensing from other RROs world-wide:
€ 60,037.00
Total amount distributed to national rightsholders:
€ 4,359,516.00
Total Amount distributed to foreign RROs:
€ 34,146.00
Total amount distributed from all licensing:
€ 2,498,999.00