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Georgian Copyright Association

Submitted by jboyd on Fri, 08/10/2012 - 13:36
GCA, Georgian Copyright Association
63, Kostava Str. - Heroes' Square
+ 995 32 2 23 78 87
Chief Executive Name
Mr. Giga Kobaladze
Chief Executive Title
Chairman of GCA (Chairman of the Board)
Chief Executive Phone
+995 32 2 237887 or +995 5 99 93 90 30 (mobile)
Chief Executive Email
Key representative
Mirian Kululashvili
Deputy Chairman, Member of the Board
+995 32 2 237887 or +995 599 22 41 39 (mobile)
Key representative
Mr. Tornike Kobakhidze
Head of International Department
+995 32 2 237887 or +995 558 52 34 17 (mobile)
History of the organisation
History of the organisation: “Georgian Copyright Association” has been created and functioning on the basis of “Georgian Law on Copyright and Related Rights”. The Association was established in 1999 as a legal successor of the “Georgian Authors and Performers Association” (GESAP) and “Georgian Authors Society” (SAS), which renewed its registration in the year 2006 and 2011 respectively. The Association has been granted the special status of the collective management organization by the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, and is the only organization in the country with this status. The Association is a non-profit (non commercial) legal union, created to implement and protect the rights of its member authors and performers, or their successors. At the Georgian territory, our Association represents and protects the rights of millions of right holders registered in more than 150 countries and territories throughout the world.
Year of incorporation
Year of first distribution
Year of first collection
Total number of Board Members
How are Board Members elected
By the General Assembly
Total number of Author Representatives
Total number of Publisher Representatives
Remarks about the Board
Total number of Board Members: 5. How are Board Members elected: By the General Assembly. Board consists of Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Board Members. Apart from board, General Assembly elects Consultative Council of Authors and Performers. The Consultative Council consists of 11 members including 1 or several representatives from each field of creativity (author of: musical work – 3, Literary and Scientific work – 1, Cinematographic work – 1, Dramatic work – 1, Visual arts’ work – 1, Performer 2, Broadcasting organization and Phonogram/Videogram producer – 1). The Chairman of the Board is the Secretary General of the Council.
Total Number of Member Associations
Total Publishers' Associations
Total Creators' (authors and visual artists) Associations
Total Rights holders represented
1 918
Remarks about the members
355 out of total are creators of literature works.

Staff total number
January 1 - December 31, 2020
Type of National legislation
Civil Law
Licensing system
Extended Collective Licence
Mandating Rights Holders
Member authors and Non members, as far as GCA is entitled to grant the licences on behalf of non members as well if they do not have the direct agreement with the user.
REPROGRAPHIC LICENCES - Types of works licensed
All types of works
Types of uses licensed
Already have licensed for Photocopying via copy machines. GCA is in a process of extending the reprography right licensing in widen scale. GCA also starts to license schools for Public Lending Right.
Types of institutions/sectors licensed
Educational Institutions
DIGITAL LICENCES - Types of works licensed
All types of works
Types of uses licensed
Reproduction of works stored in digital form
OTHER LICENCES - Public Lending Rights
Distribution methods
Title-specific distribution
Other distribution method
Text authors’ % share
Publishers' % share
Visual material authors’ % share
Administration costs as a percentage
Are deductions for cultural and/or social purposes made?
Other new areas of development
From 2021 GCA will start administering Private Copying, but only for music and audiovisual sector. Unfortunately, text and image sector is excluded from the law so far.
Total amount collected for all licensing
3 839 073.33
Total amount collected for reproduction licensing
54 896.00
Total amount collected nationally for reproduction licensing
54 896.00
Amount for schools
Levies on equipment and other mediums
Total amount collected for PLR
41 915.42
Total amount received for licensing from other RROs world-wide
Total amount received for reproduction licensing from other RROs world-wide
Total amount distributed from all licensing
3 664 452.26
Total amount distributed from reproduction licensing
27 791.53
Total amount distributed to national rightsholders
1 628 778.17
Total amount distributed to national rightsholders from reproduction licensing
27 791.53
Total Amount distributed to foreign RROs
Total amount distributed from PLR
57 146.37
Administration Charge (actual figure)
14 208.42
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