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Education Publishers Professional Association - Eğitim Yayıncıları Meslek Birliği

Submitted by veraliah on Mon, 11/27/2017 - 16:51
EGITIM YAYBIR, Education Publishers Professional Association - Eğitim Yayıncıları Meslek Birliği
+90 3122305757
+90 312 2304757
Chief Executive Name
Celal Musaoğlu
Chief Executive Title
Chairman of the Board
Chief Executive Email
Key representative
Ali Tansu Balcı
Secretary General
History of the organisation
The Education Publishers Professional Association (Eğitim Yaybir) was established in accordance with Article 42 of the Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works as amended by Law No. 5101 and the following founding board members in accordance with the provisions of the "Regulation on Professional Associations and Federations for Owners of Intellectual and Artistic Works" by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism dated June 18, 2012 and numbered 134800. Its centre is Gazi Mustafa Kemal Avenue No: 122/2 Maltepe / ANKARA and it still continues to work with 118 members.
Eğitim Yaybir carries out activities regarding the fight against piracy and copyright tracking of its member publishers:
In the fight against piracy, the lawyer of our Professional Association, in cooperation with the relevant law enforcement and judicial units, carries out the legal processes for the said publications, organizes raids at various times for this purpose, follows the cases of the rights holders of the pirated publications reached in these raids.
On strengthening copyrights, it carries out activities to protect the rights of its members in cooperation with national and international stakeholders. Within the scope of these studies, our professional association represents its members in the preparation works of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works carried out under the coordination of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism General Directorate of Copyright. It has been participating in various joint projects with other member professional associations under the umbrella of the Publisher Professional Associations Federation (YAYFED), of which we have been a member since 13 May 2013. Our association has become a member of the International Federation of Reproductive Rights Organizations (IFRRO) since July 24, 2017 in order to carry out these activities more effectively and to carry them to the international level. Since that time our association, as one of the federation's representative in Turkey, continues to co-operate.
Apart from these, our professional association carries out various training activities on issues such as the dissemination of copyright culture and awareness in the society, the development of publishing and rights follow-up.
Our Professional Association is one of the participants of the Joint Licensing Platform (OLP), which has been established with the signature of professional associations operating in the field of science and literature since 2019. Studies are still continuing in terms of licensing universities and copying centres through OLP, which gathers the professional associations of authors and publishers.
Year of incorporation
Year of first distribution
Year of first collection
Total number of Board Members
How are Board Members elected
by secret ballot by the general assembly for two years
Total number of Author Representatives
Total number of Publisher Representatives
Remarks about the Board
All Board members are publishers.
Total Number of Member Associations
Total Publishers' Associations
Total Creators' (authors and visual artists) Associations
Total Rights holders represented
Remarks about the members
All members are rights holding publishers.
Staff total number
January 1 - December 31
Type of National legislation
Civil Law
Other Law
Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works – LIAW (copyright act),
Berne Convention (ratified),
Rome Convention (ratified),
TRIPS (ratified),
WIPO Marrakesh Treaty (signed),
WIPO Copyright Treaty (ratified),
WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty (ratified)
Licensing system
Voluntary Licencing schemes, with potential back-up in Copyright Laws
Other licensing system
Equipment Levy
Mandating Rights Holders
REPROGRAPHIC LICENCES - Types of works licensed
Licensing work continues.
OTHER LICENCES - Public Lending Rights
Are deductions for cultural and/or social purposes made?
New developments / licensing
A Joint Licensing Platform (OLP) was established with other professional associations in Turkey. The platform continues to work. It is aimed to start licensing universities in the near future.
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