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Tunisia: conference on the Marrakesh Treaty and collective management of reprography

Submitted by veraliah on Wed, 12/19/2018 - 10:50

As part of an IFRRO-WIPO collaboration project in Tunisia, and nine months after a successful two-day event, IFRRO revisited Tunis for a WIPO-OTDAV conference on “Good practices for the collective management of reprography and copyright to nurture creativity, the publishing industry, cultural development and the economy”.

The event took place on 13 December and was opened by the Minister of Culture of Tunis, H.E. Mohamed Zinelabidine, OTDAV’s Director General Youssef Ben Brahim and WIPO’s Advisor Anita Huss. A number of roundtable discussions followed, with experience shared by IFRRO’s Board member Sandra Chastanet, International Consultant Olav Stokkmo, and IFRRO’s Manager for Policy and Regional Development Pierre-Olivier Lesburguères. They discussed the benefits of collective management of reprography for educational institutions, the implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty and the challenges that the publishing industry is facing today in Tunisia.