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The Role of Collective Licensing, publication by IPA

Submitted by veraliah on Thu, 12/05/2019 - 02:38

A recent publication by the International Publishers Association (IPA), “The Role of Collective Licensing” (see here), authored by Olav Stokkmo, will be of great interest to the IFRRO community. 

The publication, which forms part of a series of forthcoming papers on the broader topic of licensing across the publishing landscape, highlights the role played by RROs in increasing opportunities for the achievement of sustainable creative and publishing sectors, with benefits ultimately extending to society as a whole. In line with technological developments, RROs have steadily managed to tailor their responses to the needs of users and the requirements of rightsholders, constantly finding innovative ways to provide affordable legal access and usages of published works protected by copyright. 

Following a case-study approach, with the inclusion of many illustrative examples and resources, Olav Stokkmo treats the reader with an accessible but detailed overview of the different models of collective management followed around the world, while referring to the diverse approaches by RROs and pointing out their main particularities. The publication ends with chapters providing useful advice to developing countries which are eager to develop local RROs and insightful examples of best practice licensing of education.