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ISTC International Agency appoints 4 new Registration Agencies

The International ISTC Agency, the official Registration Authority for the International Standard Text Code (ISTC), has appointed and signed contracts with four new official registration agencies (ISTC-RAs) in two continents. All will start operating in the first four months of 2011.

In Australasia, two ISTC-RAs have been appointed - Thorpe-Bowker, based in Australia and Nielsen Book Asia Pacific (NBAP), based in New Zealand. Thorpe Bowker started operation on 1 January 2011. NBAP commenced at the beginning of February 2011.
There are also two new ISTC-RAs in Europe – Boekenbank in Belgium and the Federation of Intellectual Property Rights (FIPR) in Russia. Boekenbank starts in April while FIPR began operation on 17 January.

For more details see official joint press release.

Notes for Editors

The International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation representing the interests of collective management organisations in the field of text and image based works. These organisations are known as Reproduction Rights Organisations (RROs).

Active in every continent, more than 70 RROs plus about 55 national and international author, publisher and visual creator associations are IFRRO Members and Associate Members. IFRRO’s global network of members contributes to the facilitating of the widest possible legal access to published, copyright protected literary, visual and musical works for the public. RROs administer reproduction and other relevant rights, including certain forms of digital uses, in copyright text- and image-based works on behalf of both publishers and authors including visual artists. These rights are normally referred to as reprographic rights.

RROs also play a key role in the development of cultural diversity by helping to set up the legal and administrative frameworks necessary for the growth of local publishing industries. IFRRO partners organisations such as WIPO and UNESCO to undertake copyright awareness, capacity building and training activities.

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