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IFRRO stresses need for dialogue and effective copyright enforcement, in submissions to EU

IFRRO has recently submitted comments and position papers on the EU initiatives on the Single Market Act and on the Enforcement consultation. In both cases the need for stakeholder dialogues is recommended as a basis for reaching timely and appropriate solutions.

The IFRRO submission on the enforcement consultation argues that the EC, in collaboration with stakeholder representatives, could enable a better understanding of the value of copyright and how it can benefit the development of intellectual property. This includes considering whether the European Observatory on Counterfeiting and Piracy could take on a leading role in measuring the consequences of piracy and other forms of unauthorised uses of intellectual property; supporting existing and encouraging new awareness-raising programmes; and assist, including financially, the further development and deployment of apposite rights information infrastructure systems and technical standards and identifiers.

Stakeholder dialogues are described as the “key to good governance” in IFRRO’s submission on the Single Market Act, which also highlights the lack of argumentation in the Commission’ proposals related to copyright.

Notes for Editors

The International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO) is an international, independent, not-for-profit organisation representing the interests of collective management organisations and authors and publishers in the field of text and image based works. These organisations are known as Reproduction Rights Organisations (RROs) which administer reproduction and other relevant rights, including certain digital rights, on behalf of both publishers and authors including visual artists.

Active in every continent, it has some 130 members including 55 national and international author, publisher and visual creator associations. IFRRO’s global network of members helps facilitate widespread legal access to published, copyright protected literary, visual and musical works for the public. IFRRO partners international organisations such as WIPO and UNESCO, and regional ones such as ARIPO, OAPI and CERLALC to undertake copyright awareness, capacity building and training activities. Within Europe, IFRRO cooperates with the EU institutions in developing solutions to facilitate access to copyright work.

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