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IFRRO launches Value of Copyright campaign to improve level of copyright debate website unveiled as new online home for information on copyright-

Frankfurt, Germany, 7 October 2014 - The International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO) has announced the launch of The Value of Copyright, a campaign designed to emphasise the importance of copyright and improve information about the protection of literary and artistic works , primarily in the text and image-based sectors.

Inaugurating at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the campaign features a website - - as its focal point, which aims to provide a single online access point for international and local information on copyright. The website includes news and events, relevant legislation, useful facts, details on the value of the protection of literary and artistic works, in addition to its usage and importance. It provides information on copyright issues, showcases best practices, hosts a forum for all involved to explain how copyright affects them while giving links to authoritative sources on copyright matters, including legal issues.

Copyright is a vital source of income for those who create and invest in the content on which the digital economy depends. In addition to the contribution of the exploitation of primary rights through sales and licensing, a survey by PwC in the UK showed that some 25% of authors derive more than 60% of their income from secondary uses of their works, and that UK educational publishers depend on secondary income for some 12% of their earnings, which equates to around 19% of their investment in new works. Information such as this, which effectively highlights the vital role copyright plays in society, is publicly available, and should find its way into the current copyright debate.

Commenting on the launch, Olav Stokkmo, Chief Executive of IFRRO, stated: “We felt there was a need for a resource to allow people to more easily find accurate information on copyright and to help them better understand why it is so important. This is why we decided to launch this campaign and website; to dramatically improve the overall level of the copyright debate and enhance access to relevant and reliable information and resources.”

He continued: “Only through a clear understanding of the facts about copyright and its importance to society at large, can informed decisions be made on how copyright can be set at the heart of a vibrant, growing digital economy, which is responsive to the needs of both creators and users and beneficial to society as a whole.”

IFRRO and special guest Robert Levine, author of Free Ride, will participate in a panel discussion entitled Fight for Copyright - how the publishing and creative industries can show their support, which will take place at 11:00 on Wednesday 8th October at the Publishing Perspectives stage, Hall 8.