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IFRRO Annual General Meeting 2008

27 October - 01 November 2008
Montego Bay, Jamaica

The 37th Annual General Meeting of IFRRO took place at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Montego Bay on 30th October 2008. JAMCOPY, the Jamaican Reproduction Rights Organisation (RRO) and IFRRO member hosted the event.

The IFRRO membership gathered in Montego Bay during the week commencing 27th October, with the IFRRO Board meeting. Tuesday 28 October was devoted to Committee and Working Group meetings. It also enabled creators' and publishers' gatherings. The Digital Issues Forum (DIF) and the European Group took place on Wednesday 29 October. To complete the programme, multi-territory licensing and the administration of reprographic rights in small countries was covered in the AGM International seminar on 31 October.

Main statements:

IFRRO Statement on Traditional Knowledge (TK) and Traditional Cultural Expressions (TCE) (PDF file)
IFRRO Statement on Least Developed Countries (LCD) (PDF file)

Main decisions

The AGM 2008 elected the following members to the IFRRO Board:

  Magdalena Vinent (CEDRO, Spain)

First Vice President
  Franziska Eberhard (ProLitteris, Switzerland)

Second Vice President
  Bruce Funkhouser (CCC, USA)

Board Directors
  Jim Alexander (CAL, Australia)
  Christer Johansson (BONUS Presskopia, Sweden)
  Helene Messier (COPIBEC, Canada)

  Associate Members
  Jens Bammel (IPA)
  Mats Lindberg (BUS, Sweden)

Substitute Directors 
  Maureen Cavan (Access Copyright, Canada)
  Rainer Just (VG Wort, Germany)

  Associate Members
  Trond Andreassen (EWC)
  Michael Mabe (STM)

More information are available at the Members Only section.

Please have also a look at the AGM 2008 website hosted by JAMCOPY: