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IFRRO Annual General Meeting 2007

IFRRO's AGM 2007 took place in Dublin, Ireland and was hosted by the Irish Copyright Licensing Agency (ICLA).

The Honourable Minister Michael Ahern T.D. to opened the AGM by expressing his pleasure at being present at the IFRRO AGM 2007, thanked IFRRO for having chosen Dublin as its venue and welcomed all the delegates. His role in the Irish government involved ensuring a modern intellectual property law and a registration system. Copyright formed part of his remit. Ahern drew attention to the advantages of having ICLA as the Irish member of IFRRO in that licences sold in Ireland included foreign material and in that Irish rightsholders could receive their just remuneration for uses abroad. He commented that over the last five years, ICLA had distributed EUR 750,000 to Irish rightsholders for reprographic reproduction and had announced that an amount in excess of that figure was expected to be paid out in 2007.

Ahern emphasised the role that IFRRO and its members play in furthering cultural diversity and creating a framework in which it could flourish, together with international partners such as WIPO and UNESCO. Ireland had a long tradition of protecting copyright and was a member of the pertinent international conventions. Copyright is an essential element to promote and further creativity by facilitating a fair economic reward for intellectual works and alleviating the fear of piracy. Ireland's Copyright Act had been reformed in 2000 in an overall Act, with a positive attitude towards collective management. It had proved to work well. For example a BSA study had recognised Ireland as one of the most stringent protectors of copyright in the EU. Amendments to the copyright legislation to introduce a system to compensate rightsholders for public lending in libraries concurrent with the European Commission Directive were in progress. He had pleasure in declaring the IFRRO Annual General Meeting 2007 in Dublin open.

Main decisions

Approval of the new membership fee structure


IFRRO Statement Urging Support of the Emerging RROs in Bulgaria and Latvia

IFRRO Board Statement on Orphan Works (pdf)