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IFRRO Annual General Meeting 2006

IFRRO's New Zealand member, Copyright Licensing Ltd (CLL), were the hosts of the 2006 AGM on 02 November in Auckland. 

The Hon. Judith Tizard, New Zealand's Associate Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage gave the opening speech following an impressive traditional Maori welcome.

Ms Tizard welcomed all participants to Auckland. She pointed out that New Zealand as a multicultural country on a bicultural basis had three official languages: English, Maori and the New Zealand sign language. Its experience showed that cooperation worked best when values and cultural sensitivities were well explained. She delivered greetings from New Zealand's Prime Minister Helen Clark who is also the Minister for Culture, conveying how important the IFRRO AGM and the CLL - IFRRO seminar were for New Zealand.

In portraying copyright as the key tool for the creative industries, she drew attention to the importance of authors shaping the national profile and also to their contribution to employment, economic growth and exports of goods and services. She perceived the creative industry as a chance for New Zealand to diversify its economy. Copyright was important for many areas, including new means to communicate works. She recognised the need for RROs to play a role in offering practical solutions between rightsholders and users also in respect of new tools to administer copyright.

Recounting the significant efforts in New Zealand to promote a local music industry and its struggle with piracy, she acknowledged CLL's contributions to awareness raising and enhancing respect for intellectual works. She drew attention to the vibrant traditional knowledge of the Pacific Region, the protection and preservation of which required a broad and holistic approach. New Zealand participated actively in discussions on this issue also within WIPO fora.

Main decision

IFRRO vote structure for Music RROS and Associate Members - proposed amendments have been approved


The Art of Copying - A guide to the incorporation of visual material in reprographic legal schemes and licenses

Developed by the IFRRO Working Group on Copying of Visual Material, Jo Cave presented this new guide to the incorporation of visual material in reprographic legal schemes and licences.