IFRRO members' Education & Enforcement best practices

What are IFRRO members doing in terms of Education and Enforcement? A selection of their activities are gegularly being compiled on the IFRRO members' Education & Enforcement best practices section. 

Seamless Access Presentations 

At the WIPO 24th Meeting of the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related rights (SCCR) in July 2012, the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO) made a series of presentations to highlight the ways in which rightsholders and collective management organisations provide access to copyrighted works. Specifically, members of IFRRO organizations detailed the ways in which access was being provided for educational purposes.
Such presentations, plus an introductory document, have been translated to several different languages and can be downloaded on PDF format. The sets of presentations are available on zip files here: 

Collective Management Presentation

The aims of the below comprehensive presentations are to explain the benefits to creators and publishers of the collective management, particularly in the digital arena.

These presentations can provide a general view on the IFRRO activities and its scope as well.

UPDATED: August 2012

I. Collective management in the copyright sphere

II. Collective management in the text and image based sphere

III. RROs and the user community

IV. RROs working with rightsholders

V. RROs activities and operations: Models of operations

VI. RROs activities and operations: Obtaining mandates

VII. RROs activities and operations: Licensing in the digital era

VIII. RROs activities and operations: Collection and distribution

IX. RROs activities and operations: Education and compliance

X. RROs activities and operations: RRO approaches in practice

XI. IFRRO's aims and activities


Public Lending Right Presentation

An introduction to Public Lending Right (PLR) by Jim Parker