Copibec launches $4 million class action lawsuit for copyright infringement

Copibec, the Quebc RRO, has filed a motion in Quebec Superior Court for authorization to launch a class action on behalf of thousands of authors and publishers from Quebec, the rest of Canada and other countries around the world because their copyright protected works have been copied without permission by Université Laval.

On an annual basis, the Quebec City-based university copies more than 11 million pages from 7,000 different works published in Quebec, the rest of Canada or abroad and includes them in coursepacks sold to students or distributes them online via its secure internal computer network.

Until May 2014, Université Laval, like all other Quebec universities, held a comprehensive licence issued by Copibec allowing it to make those copies legally. However, the university’s board of directors decided not to renew its licence and on May 21, 2014 put into effect a policy concerning the use of third-party works for teaching, learning, research and private study purposes (“Politique et directives relatives à l’utilisation de l’oeuvre d’autrui aux fins des activités d’enseignement, d’apprentissage, de recherche et d’étude privée à l’Université Laval”).

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