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Collective management of reprography set to start in Tunisia

Submitted by veraliah on Thu, 04/05/2018 - 13:48

One year after hosting a regional meeting for Copyright Offices in the Arab Region, the Tunisian Copyright Office, OTDAV, has taken steps to implement the collective management of reprographic rights in the country.otdav1fortop.jpg

Mr Ben Brahim, Mr Zinelabidine and Ms Huss © OTDAV

On 6 and 7 March 2018 a seminar on the collective management of reprography and the resale right was organised in Tunis by OTDAV and the Word Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO.

In his opening speech, the Minister of Cultural Affairs of Tunisia, HE Mohamed Zinelabidine, noted that at the moment in Tunisia reprographic copying is done illegally and he emphasised that it is time to offer lawful solutions to users of copyright-protected content. Youssef Ben Brahim, Director General of OTDAV, expressed his enthusiasm and eagerness to see collective management in the text and image sector taking off and Anita Huss, Counsellor at WIPO, reiterated the commitment of the UN agency to support the Copyright Office of Tunisia in this project.

The importance of the resale right for visual artists was thoroughly discussed and explained by Lamia Bouhdiba, a Tunisian solicitor and expert in IPR, Romain Durand, Resale Right Manager at the Société des Auteurs dans les Arts Graphiques et Plastiques (ADAGP, France) and Nabila Mezghani, a Tunisian Professor specialised in Intellectual Property. 

The session on reprography took place over two days with the following speakers: Sandra Chastanet, Director for Rightholders & International Affairs at the Centre Français d’exploitation du droit de copie (CFC); Pierre-Olivier Lesburguères, Manager for Policy and Regional Development at IFRRO; Mohamed Selmi, Secretary General of OTDAV; and Olav Stokkmo, International Consultant and former CEO of IFRRO. The room was packed with representatives from Tunisian universities, authors, publishers and Government officials. During the Q&A sessions the audience and the speakers had a good exchange of views and touched on many different issues such as the technical aspects of licensing agreements, the role of Government, and the interpretation of the Tunisian legislation on copyright.

The seminar was extensively covered in the Tunisian press and on Government websites: find here an article in Journaliste Sfaxien, here a press release by OTDAV and here a communiqué by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs (all in Arabic).

During the week IFRRO’s Pierre-Olivier Lesburguères also visited the offices of the Syndicat National des Journalistes Tunisiens (SNJT), a member of the International Federation of Journalists, and met with their President, Neji Bghouri, to discuss with him the importance of the reprography project for journalists. See an article on SNJT’s website here (in Arabic).

More photos from the seminar: © OTDAV