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"Likkle But Tallawah"

If small is beautiful how do we also make it powerful? 
The Administration of Copyright in Smaller and Vulnerable Economies

31 October 2008, Montego Bay (Jamaica)


Welcome Address  
Hon. Olivia Grange Minister of Information, Youth, 
Culture and Sports of Jamaica                                                  Download (pdf)


Multi-Territory Licensing: A Threat or an opportunity?

Key address: Colman Gota Thompson, member of the SGAE´s 
legal department dealing with European subjects                        Download (ppt)

Mats Lindberg, Managing Director, BUS                                      Download (ppt)

Peter Shepherd, Director, International Division, CLA                  Download (ppt)


Making IPR Administration Work for Smaller and Vulnerable Economies

Carol Simpson, Executive Director, JIPO                                    Download (ppt) 

Jean-Luc Putz, President, Luxorr                                                Download (ppt)

Halldór Birgisson, Chair, Fjölis                                                   Download (ppt)

Caroline Morgan, General Manager Corporate Relations, CAL       Download (ppt)

Carol Newman, General Manager, JAMCOPY                               Download (ppt)