Text and Academic Authors Association, USA

TAA, Text and Academic Authors Association, USA

P.O. Box 367
Fountain City, WI
Phone: +1 727 563 0020
E-mail: Textandacademicauthors@TAAonline.net
Web: http://www.TAAonline.net/

Chief Executive:
Executive Director: Michael Spinella
Chief Executive Phone: +1-973-943-0501
Chief Executive Email: michael.spinellal@taaonline.net

President: Mike Kennamer
E-mail: mike@kennamer.net
Phone: +1-256-273-9845
Vice President: Laura Frost
E-mail: lfrost@fgcu.edu
Phone: +1-239-590-1434
Treasurer: Juli Saitz
E-mail: juli.saitz@ankuraconsulting.com
Phone: +1-212-547-9571
Director of Publishing & Operations: Kim Pawlak
E-mail: kim.pawlak@taaonline.net
Phone: 1-608-687-3106

Year operations began:

The Textbook and Academic Authors Association (TAA) is the only non-profit membership association dedicated solely to assisting textbook and academic authors. TAA's Mission is to support textbook and academic authors in the creation of top-quality educational and scholarly works that stimulate the love of learning and foster the pursuit of knowledge.

TAA has approximately 2000 members, comprised of current and aspiring authors of textbooks and other instructional materials, both print and electronic, and authors of academic materials, such as dissertations, journal articles, monographs, and scholarly books, in all fields and disciplines.