The Reproduction Rights Society of Kenya

Kopiken, The Reproduction Rights Society of Kenya

P. O. Box 44265 - 00100
Phone: +254 713 600 522

Chief Executive:
General Manager : Gerry Gitonga
Chief Executive Phone: +254 713 600 522
Chief Executive Email:

Chairman: Prof. Henry Indangasi
Phone: +254721584621
Vice- Chairperson : Prof. Vicky Khasandi-Telewa
Phone: +254713745004

Year of first distribution: 2008

Composition of Board:
Total number of Board Members: 7
How are Board Members elected: One from each member association, the general manager and may have a consultant director
Total number of Author Representatives: 6
Total number of Publisher Representatives: 1

Total number of Member Associations: 7
Total Publishers' Associations: 1
Total Creators' (authors and visual artists) Associations: 6
Total Rights holders represented: 7
Remarks about the members: Kopiken represents rightholders that include; (i ) Authors (creators of works) – Kopiken represents them through their respective association which include; (a) KENFAA- Kenya Non Fiction Authors Association; this is an association of non-fiction writers and translators who have published at least 100 pages works comprising of books, periodicals and professional & scientific journals. The association seeks to promote and protect the interests of non-fiction authors in Kenya and beyond. (b) WAK- Writers Association of Kenya; This is an association of writers in Kenya, who have published creative literary works such as poems, short stories, novels, plays, biographies, autobiographies and memoirs, literary criticism and other kinds of literary scholarship. Its main objective is to encourage and promote writing in Kenya. (c) KOLA- Kenya Oral Literature Association; this is a professional association of researchers, scholars in Kenyan universities and oral artists. Its basic objective is to advance the study of orality and oral literature as a means of community appraisal through research publication, workshops, conferences & performances. (d) KUJ – Kenya Union of journalists; An association of persons engaged in journalistic works in Kenya, whose main objective is to raise the status of journalism in Kenya. (ii) Artists & Visual Creators – Kopiken represents this group through their Association KAPIDE- Kenya Association of Photographers Illustrators & Designers; This association represents photojournalists, illustrators & designers and its main objective is to advance photojournalism, illustration and design in all their forms in kenya and beyond. (iii) Song lyricists & writers of sheet music – Kopiken represents musicians through MCSK- The Music Copyright Society of Kenya. This is also a CMO in the area of music collecting royalties on behalf of composers, publishers or proprietor of music in Kenya. (iv) Publishers – Kopiken represents publishers in Kenya through the Kenya Publishers Association- KPA which is an association bringing together all companies. Organization or individuals engaged in book publishing in Kenya and its main objective is to encourage the widest possible spread of printed books throughout Kenya and beyond. (v) International Rightholders – Kenya is a signatory to The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, an international agreement governing copyright first accepted in 1886. This convention under Article 5(1) and 5(2) establishes the principle of national treatment for works protected by copyright. As a general matter, the principle of national treatment means that under a nation’s laws, a foreigner enjoys no lesser rights and benefits than a citizen of that nation receives, subject to the specific terms of the relevant international conventions. In copyright terms, it means, for example, that a British work for which copyright enforcement is sought in the Kenya would be treated under Kenyan law exactly as if it were a Kenyan work.. Kopiken therefore in pursuant to this principle protects foreign works in Kenya s it protects local works. However, Kopiken has gone a step further in signing bilateral agreements with other countries/ collecting organizations to ensure that the mandates are solid. Kopiken has Bilateral agreements with the following countries so far; Authors Licensing Collecting Society- UK, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Newzealand, Philippines, Singapore, Tanzania, India, Mauritius, Nigeria, Norway, Korea, Uganda, Malawi. Many others are in progress. From 2019, Kopiken will start recruiting individual members (authors and publishers) after changes to the Memorandum and Articles of Association in 2018.

DATES OF FINANCIAL YEAR January 1 - December 31

Type of National legislation :
Civil law: No
Common law: Yes
Other Law: International Conventions & Treaties to which Kenya is a signatory.

Licensing system:
Voluntary Licencing schemes, without any form of back-up in Copyright Laws

Reprographic licences
Types of works licensed: All types of published material
Types of uses licensed (including, where applicable, course packs, document delivery): 1. Copy shops 2. Educational Institutions NB: Not yet ventured to other users
Types of institutions/sectors licensed: 1. Universities 2. Technical Training Institutes 3. Colleges 4. Professional schools of training e.g. Law school

Other Licences
Public Lending Rights: No

Outline of Distribution plan and methodology used: So far equal distribution has been done to all the memebrs. The distribution method that was created is yet to be applied.
Title-specific distribution: No
Non title-specific distribution: Yes
Both title-specific distribution and non title-specific distribution: No
Full reporting: No
Sampling: No
Statistical surveys: No
Objective availability: No
Possibility to be copied: No

Number of Bilateral agreements type A: 0
Number of Bilateral agreements type B: 13


Total amount collected for all licensing:
KES 1,478,250.00 (+/- EUR 12,768.41)

Total amount collected for reproduction licensing:
KES 1,478,250.00 (+/- EUR 12,768.41)

Total amount collected nationally for reproduction licensing:
KES 1,478,250.00 (+/- EUR 12,768.41)

Total amount received for licensing from other RROs world-wide:
KES 0.00 (+/- EUR 0.00)

Total amount distributed to national rightsholders:
KES 707,786.00 (+/- EUR 6,113.51)

Total Amount distributed to foreign RROs:
KES 186,260.00 (+/- EUR 1,608.82)

Total amount distributed from all licensing:
KES 707,786.00 (+/- EUR 6,113.51)

The exchange rate of 1 January 2019 was applied, being EUR 1= 115.7740 KES