Rue du Trône 98b1
Phone: +32 2 551 03 24

Chief Executive:
Managing director: To be appointed

Legal director: Kurt Van Damme

Year of first distribution: 2001

Composition of Board:
Total number of Board Members: 15
How are Board Members elected: 8 members are elected by the authors’ CMOs and 7 by the publishers’ CMOs
Total number of Author Representatives: 8
Total number of Publisher Representatives: 7

Total number of Member Associations: 15
Total Publishers' Associations: 7
Total Creators' (authors and visual artists) Associations: 8
Remarks about the members: Reprobel members are Belgian CMOs representing rightholders of reprographic, publishers', educational/scientific & PLR remuneration rights (under a legal licence scheme) for text and visual works. Authors' CMOs : ASSUCOPIE, deAuteurs, JAM/SAJ, SABAM, SACD, SCAM, SOFAM and VEWA. Publishers’ CMOs : COPIEBEL, COPIEPRESSE, LICENSE2PUBLISH, REPRO PP, REPROPRESS, SEMU, LIBRIUS and SABAM. (*) SABAM is represented in both the Authors' and the Publishers' College but is counted as only one Reprobel member.

DATES OF FINANCIAL YEAR January 1 - December 31

Type of National legislation :
Civil law: Yes
Common law: No

Licensing system:
Legal Licence
Other licensing system: None.
Mandating rights holders:
Indirect representation via authors' and publishers' CMOs (text & visual). Non-represented rightholders can claim directly from Reprobel however. Scope of mandate (all rightholders) is defined by law under legal licence.

Reprographic licences
Types of works licensed: Text works (Authors' College): Journalistic, literary, scientific/educational texts, photographs, other texts, musical works (excluding sheet music). Text works (Publishers' College): Books, Newspapers, Magazines, musical works (excluding sheet music), Other. Visual works (Authors' College): Photos, other visual & graphic works.
Types of uses licensed (including, where applicable, course packs, document delivery): As determined by law. Reprobel has no activities beyond legal licences yet, though a mandate based licensing scheme for print-outs is expected to be launched in the course of 2018.
Types of institutions/sectors licensed: Reprography & separate publishers' remuneration: public & private sector. Education & research: educational & research institutions under separate legal licence. PLR: public libraries. Home environment (natural persons for private use): no since 2017 (all private copying via Auvibel -, including paper reproductions)
Pilot Projects : Mandate based licensing scheme for print-outs (2018).

Digital Licences
Types of works licensed: Education & research: all TI works except sheet music. Other sectors: none.
Types of uses licensed (including, where applicable, course packs,
document delivery and storage): Education & research: digital copies (paper-to-digital, digital-to-digital) and secured network transmission only. Other sectors: none.
Types of institutions/sectors licensed: Education & research under specific new legal licence since 2017. Other sectors: none.

Other Licences
Public Lending Rights: No

Outline of Distribution plan and methodology used: 'Waterfall' distribution method. Reprobel distributes to member CMOs, which in turn pay out to individual authors or publishers.
Title-specific distribution: No
Non title-specific distribution: Yes
Both title-specific distribution and non title-specific distribution: No
Full reporting: No
Sampling: No
Statistical surveys: Yes
Objective availability: Yes
Possibility to be copied: Yes

Number of Bilateral agreements type A: 24
Bilateral agreements type A with: Bilateral agreements type A with : Copyright Agency (Australia), Litterar-Mechana (Austria), Access Copyright (Canada), Copibec (Québec), CFC (France), VG Wort (Germany), ICLA (Ireland), JAAC (Japan), Pro Litteris (Liechtenstein and Switzerland), Luxorr (Luxemburg), Reprorecht (The Netherlands), Kopinor (Norway), Copyrus (Russia), Dalro (South Africa), Cedro (Spain), CLA (UK), CCC (USA), CopyDan (Denmark), SIAE/NLI (Italy), Polska Kziaska (Poland), OSDEL (Greece), Kopiosto (Finland)
Number of Bilateral agreements type B: 12
Bilateral agreements type B with: Bilateral agreements type B with : Cad (Argentina), DHK (Croatia), HKRRLS (Hong-Kong & Macau), HARR (Hungary), Fjölis (Iceland), JAMCOPY (Jamaica), KOPJAMALT (Malta), MASA (Mauritius), CEMPRO (Mexico), Repronig (Nigeria), LITA (Slovakia), KORRA (Korea)
Other agreements with RROs: Unilateral PLR: Stichting Pro (Dutch publishers' share in PLR remunerations from Flanders) Unilateral PLR: Stichting Lira (Dutch text authors' share in PLR remuneration from Flanders)


Total amount collected for all licensing:
€ 8,501,084.00
Total amount collected for reproduction licensing:
€ 6,204,897.00
Total amount collected nationally for reproduction licensing:
€ 5,694,739.00
Total amount received for licensing from other RROs world-wide:
€ 510,159.00
Total amount distributed to national rightsholders:
€ 12,497,686.00
Total Amount distributed to foreign RROs:
€ 1,177,189.00
Total amount distributed from all licensing:
€ 13,674,875.00