Copyright Society of Malawi

COSOMA, Copyright Society of Malawi

Off Paul Kagame Road
Next to the Malawi Rural Finance Company Office
Capital City
Lilongwe 3
P.O. Box 30784
Phone: +265 1 751 148/ +265 1 752 717
Fax: +265 1 753 018

Chief Executive:
Executive Director : Ms Dora Makwinja
Chief Executive Phone : +265 99 9 334 758; +265 1 208 634
Chief Executive Email :

Licensing Manager : Mr.Mutty Munkhondia
E-Mail :
Phone : +265 999 918 502
Senior Licensing Officer : Mr. Rosario Kamanga
E-Mail :
Phone : +265 99 9 314 688
Assistant Finance Officer & Head of Finance Department : Mr Ernest Mtuwa
E-Mail :
Phone : +265999332260
Assistant Documentation Officer & Head of Documentation and Distribution Department : Mr Lightwell Kachigamba Benjamin
E-Mail :

History of the organisation : The Copyright Society of Malawi was established in 1992 pursuant to the Section 41 of the Copyright, Act 1989. Since its establishment, it has licensed broadcasting and performing rights in the area of music. In 1999, it introduced the administration of mechanical rights also in the area of music. In 2000, it started the administration of reprographic rights.
Year of incorporation : 1992
Year of first collection : 2003
Year of first distribution : 2015

Composition of Board
Total number of Board Members : 9
How are Board Members elected : The Chairperson is elected by the General Assembly. Five members of the board are elected by the rights holders, three representing musicians and two representing all rights holder association. Three are ex-officio members elected by the Government.
Total number of Author Representatives :1
Total number of Publisher Representatives :1
Remarks about the Board : The Chairman who is supposed to be a member of the Society is elected by the General Assembly and appointed by Government, five representatives of associations elected by the rights holder associations and three ex-officio members elected by the Government representing the Ministry responsible for Culture, Ministry of Justice and the Department of Statutory Corporations.

Total number of Member Associations : 10
Total Publishers' Associations :1
Total Creators' (authors and visual artists) Associations:9
Total Rights holders represented : 7176
Remarks about the members : 10 Rights holder associations. and 7,176 individual members.

DATES OF FINANCIAL YEAR 1st July to 30th June


Type of National legislation :

Civil law : No
Common law : Yes

Licensing system:
Extended Collective Licence
Mandating rights holders :

Reprographic licences
Types of works licensed : All copyright protected works namely books, pamphlets, poems, visual arts, photographs, lyrics, illustrations etc.
Types of uses licensed (including, where applicable, course packs, document delivery): Use of copyright protected works mainly at tertiary institutions, secondary schools.
Types of institutions/sectors licensed : Educational institutions such as public and private universities; public and private colleges, technical training college, secondary schools, internet cafe which offer photocopying services and copy shops.

Digital Licences
Types of works licensed: All literary and artistic works
Types of institutions/sectors licensed : Universities, colleges and other training institutions; secondary schools and copy shops

Other Licences
Public Lending Rights : No
Other areas of licensing : Mechanical rights, Broadcasting and performing rights in the area of music

Title-specific distribution : No
Non title-specific distribution : Yes
Both title-specific distribution and non title-specific distribution : No
Full reporting : No
Sampling : No
Statistical surveys : No
Objective availability : No
Possibility to be copied : No

Number of Bilateral agreements type B : 6
Bilateral agreements type B with : Kopinor,CADRA, MASA and JAC, ZARSSO, URRO
Other agreements with RROs : CLA


Total amount collected for all licensing :
MWK 89,696,399.00 (+/- EUR 158,402.56)

Total amount collected for reproduction licensing :
MWK 18,280,425.00 (+/- EUR 32,282.97)

Total amount collected nationally for reproduction licensing :
MWK 18,280,425.00 (+/- EUR 32,282.97)

Total amount received for licensing from other RROs world-wide :
MWK 0.00 (+/- EUR 0.00)

Total amount distributed to national rightsholders :
MWK 43,900,397.80 (+/- EUR 77,527.47)

Total Amount distributed to foreign RROs :
MWK 0.00 (+/- EUR 0.00)

Total amount distributed from all licensing :
MWK 62,714,854.00 (+/- EUR 110,753.54)

The exchange rate of 1 January 2015 was applied, being EUR 1= 566.2560 MWK