WIPO Assemblies of Member States 2011: IFRRO concerns on proposed instrument for those with Print disabilities
Submitted by jboyd on Thu, 29/09/2011 - 14:46

In a statement to the WIPO Assemblies of Member States on 29 September, Olav Stokkmo, IFRRO CEO, reiterated that IFRRO was not opposed to an international legal instrument which includes clearly an exception or limitation in favour of people with print disabilities, so long as certain conditions were met.

Primarily the instrument should respect the 3 steps test of the Berne Convention and cross-border transfers should be dependent on the wishes of the rightholders. In addition he stated that any enabling legal framework would need to be complemented by advancing concrete practical solutions, such as those involving Trusted Intermediaries developed by the WIPO Stakeholder Platform.

The full IFRRO statement is available here.


WIPO Assemblies of Member States 2011: IFRRO reiterates commitment to constructive dialogue
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In a statement to the 49th WIPO Assemblies of the Member States, IFRRO underlined its continued belief in and commitment to stakeholder dialogues as a way to enable increased access for user groups to intellectual property and cultural heritage.

Olav Stokkmo, IFRRO CEO, gave concrete examples of success stories ranging from the WIPO Stakeholder Platform to the Memorandum of Understanding on Out of Commerce Works, which had been recently signed by 10 stakeholder organisations in the presence of the European Commission in Brussels.

The full IFRRO Statement is available here

IFRRO Statement made at WIPO GA, General Assembly
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 Invitation to WIPO and the MembersStates to consider studying a pilot for a concerted action in the form of a Strategic Partnership in the Book Sector, to be carried out in selected countries. Such a concerted action would involve IFRRO and its constituencies, among which the International Publishers Association (IPA).

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