Value of copyright campaign at the Publishing Perspectives stage at the Frankfurt book fair

On Wednesday 8 October, the Value of copyright campaign and the Copyrightlink website were the main topic at one of the sessions on Publishing Perspectives Stage at the Frankfurt book fair.

Olav Stokkmo, Edward Nawotka and Robert Levine at the Publishing Perspectives stage

During the session, which was well attended, Edward Nawotka, editor of Publishing Perspectives moderated a dialogue with Robert Levine, author of Free ride and Olav Stokkmo, CEO of IFRRO.

Robert Levine gave the authors perspective on the impact of illegal uses of copyrighted material. He pointed out that although information may “want to be free”, such information actually belongs to someone else. Levine explained how protection of intellectual property encourages development and that copyright is not a barrier for free speech.  Authors are not against free speech.
Olav Stokkmo, for his part addressed the increasing importance of copyright. He explained that nowadays seamless access is already in place, and that Collective Management Organisations (CMOs) work tirelessly on enforcement and easy access.