UNESCO copyright committee looks at exceptions and piracy trends

UNESCO copyright committee calls for accurate data on piracy trends and decides to meet in future only on request of one third of members.

On 7 June the XIV UNESCO session of the intergovernmental copyright committee discussed three items linked to copyright: The presentation and discussion of 2 studies commissioned by UNESCO, one on copyright exceptions and overridibility by contractual provisions or DRM measures and the other one on piracy trends and legislative developments and the presentation of the World anti-piracy observatory. None of the items were intensively debated. Most of the Member States underlined the need to have accurate data on piracy and establish a methodology for the studies in this sector.

The studies and the presentation can be found on the UNESCO portal


The committee also decided not to meet every 4 years anymore. Indeed, seeing the decreasing importance of the Universal Copyright Treaty (on which this committee is based)as more States are now signatories of the Berne Convention, the committee has decided to meet only at the request of one third of the members. The committee has also given a new mission to the secretariat: they will have the responsibility to monitor and inform the members regularly on the major evolutions on copyright.