UK Copyright Hub officially launched: making licencing easier

The British Intellectual Property Minister, Baroness Neville-Rolfe, has officially launched on 30 July the UK Copyright Hub. Thanks to the technology developed by the Hub, identifying IP rights for copyright-protected works available on the Internet, finding licencing solutions and securing permission to use the works will become faster and easier. Here are three of the main objectives and missions of the Hub:

·         To provide a portal to copyright-related information and therefore make it easier to navigate through the subject and find organisations who can help,

·         To create open-source technology to help simplify and automate the process of getting permission,

·         To make it easier to connect pieces of content to their rightholders.

The Copyright Hub was launched together with a new website, to gather support for the Hub and provide information on the technology developed and the many organisations that are supporting it. Key supporters include the Linked Content Coalition (LCC), of which IFRRO was a founding member; the LCC is a cross-media project which aims to create a structure for rights management on the Internet.

Pursuing the same goal of better linking content to rights and licencing solutions, the Rights Data Integration Project (RDI), in which IFRRO is involved as a contracting partner, is an initiative co-sponsored by the European Commission that aims at demonstrating how users of rights can easily identify rightholders and trade rights using different business models.

Olav Stokkmo, the Chief Executive of IFRRO, has welcomed the launch of the Copyright Hub as “an important step towards creating a legal market for the use of copyright works”.