Ugandan anti-piracy operation nets 80,000 books

Over half a million Euros worth of books have been seized according to the Ugandan Reproduction Rights Organisation (URRO) in anti-piracy operations.Photo Robert Womai
Photo: Robert Womai

URRO CEO, Charles Batambuze (hands in pockets), looks on as pirated text books are unloaded.

Since October a series of raids on bookshops, publishers and private homes has been  coordinated by publishers and the Uganda Registrations Services Bureau and has resulted in the seizure of around 80,000 books. URRO estimates that the publishing sector has lost nearly 3 million Euros in the last 9 months.

“This hemorrhage was affecting investment in the publishing sector in Uganda”, explained URRO CEO, Charles Batambuze. “At the urging of authors and publishers, URRO had to intervene to stop the total collapse of the industry and to grow the respect for copyright in book trade”, he added.

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