Towards a New Industrial Policy for Europe, issue paper published the EPC

On Wednesday 12 November, the European Policy Centre, an influential Independent think tank, made available its issue paper No, 78 “Towards a New Industrial Policy for Europe”. The publication, which includes a contribution of Olav Stokkmo, IFRRO’s CEO, addresses the immediate challenges that EU industry has to face and aims at offering guiding principles of a new strategic vision for European regional policy and also a toolkit for the implementation of this vision. 

Inevitably, the publication also addresses intellectual property and it is in this section where Olav Stokkmo’s contribution can be found. The paper affirms that, with the rise of knowledge economy, intellectual property protection is a key element to be considered for a regulatory framework for EU industry. 

The paper adds that in order to develop a globally competitive IP policy that can be compared to the ones in place in countries like Australia, China, Japan and the United Kingdom (countries with clear IP strategy plans) the following actions need to be taken: 

1.     Provide for the establishment, administration and management of IPR at EU level 

2.     Ensure that industry can have easy access to IPR in universities and research institutes 

3.     Ensure that IPR are enforce within and outside EU

4.     Provide supportive programmes to businesses to better develop their IP strategies and to take advantage of its IPR

5.     Include IPR in EU trade agreements

6.     Protect the EU’s technological knowledge by making sure that projects developed by EU and national public funding include a clear IP plan for both the ownership and first exploitation of IP.