Swedish IFRRO member BUS files lawsuit against Wikimedia Sweden for copyright infringement

The Swedish IFRRO member BUS (Bildkonst Upphovsrätt i Sverige) has recently filed a lawsuit against Wikimedia Sweden at the Stockholm District Court regarding www.offentligkonst.se, a Wikimedia database which publishes images of copyrighted artwork.

The Wikimedia project aims to make Sweden's total stock of public art available to the public. BUS, which has been mandated by about 80,000 artists to sign contracts with various users, has suggested to cooperate with Wikimedia, but it has been rejected.

BUS claims that, regarding offentligkonst.se, the damage becomes especially large because all artwork that is uploaded to the database can be used by all Internet users for free, without respecting the moral rights of the artists. BUS’ press release (in Swedish) is available here: http://bus.se/3557.