Spain approves amendments to the Copyright Act

On 15 October, the Spanish Senate (High Chamber) approved an amendment of the Copyright Act, which, in the view of CEDRO, the Spanish RRO will result in the weakening of collective management of authors’ rights and copyright in Spain. The main aspects of the amendments concern private copying, the use of textual works for educational purposes, orphan works, control of RRO and other CMOs, and copyright enforcement, with a main focus on the fight against digital piracy. The text will have to be ratified by the Congress and then published in the Official State Gazette.

The changes reduce the scope of the limit of private copying, and creates a one stop shop for book, music and film users. On the other hand there are certain improvements regarding copyright enforcement in the digital environment. The text approved by the Senate also includes a legal licence for certain secondary uses of books and periodicals in universities. The amendment voted by the Senate now was presented by the Government as a provisional and urgent reform. That is why the text announces that work on a complete amendment of the law should start next year, in 2015. CEDRO is currently examining the consequences to its activities of the amended Law.