Seminar on Collective management of rights in Jerusalem

IFRRO and its member the Book Publishers Association of Israel (BPAI) co-organised on 10 February 2015 a seminar on collective management of rights in Jerusalem. Israeli rightholders and other interested participants joined the seminar that took place in conjunction with the Jerusalem book fair. After an opening speech by Racheli Edelman (Chair of the BPAI), presentations were made by José Borghino (IPA), Carlo Scollo-Lavizzari (STM) and Pierre-Olivier Lesburguères (IFRRO) and were followed by a lively discussion with the audience.

During the seminar, rightholders expressed their interest and commitment to work together to set up a RRO in order to facilitate access to works while providing authors and publishers with a fair remuneration. Despite attempts over the last years, no licencing agreement has been signed so far with Israel’s educational institutions. The upcoming revision of a private settlement agreement concluded in 2013 between two publishers and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem will be a good opportunity to open the discussion on the compensation of rightholders under Israel’s fair use legislation.