Quebec: Rightholders and teachers oppose Canadian university’s decision not to renew license

The decision of Laval University in Quebec, Canada, not to renew the blanket licence that it had signed with Copibec – the RRO in Quebec – for the reproduction of copyright-protected works has been criticized in the country and worldwide. Since Spring 2014, Laval University has stopped paying remuneration for the reproduction of up to 10% of a work, the chapter of a book, or a full article, leading to millions of copies being made without fair remuneration given to rightholders. As reported in Le Devoir, the European Publishers and the Laval University Teachers’ Union, among others, have expressed their dismay at a decision that has not been taken by any other university in Quebec.

Copibec has now filed a motion in the Quebec Superior Court to be authorised to launch a class action lawsuit against Laval University for copyright infringement, and it received the support of rightholders organisations including the Quebec Writers Union and the National Association of Book Publishers.

Further information from Le Devoir see here and here (in French).