Journalist, Robert Levine, wins 2013 Ibercrea award

The Ibercrea Institute has announced that the journalist Robert Levine has been awarded the 2013 award for his contribution to the defence of copyright. Robert Levine author of Free Ride: How the Digital Parasites are Destroying the Culture Business, will be receiving this award in Madrid during the month of February.

In Free Ride, Robert Levine’s argues that intellectual property has been dragged to a playground where large digital companies have promoted the ideology of free availability on internet in the last 10 years. Levine believes that the current situation is not only robbing creators of their livelihoods but also the internet of its potential by discouraging innovation and excellence. But this drift to mediocrity is not inevitable and a properly functioning market that respects copyright will improve the quality of online media, which in turn will fuel the growth of the very companies that are currently undermining creator’s rights. There is a chance to strengthen the creative industries and to help the internet realize its potential but time is running out.

IFRRO wishes to congratulate Robert Levine for this recognition and for his efforts towards a copyright friendly culture. IFRRO CEO Olav Stokkmo said in a comment that he would strongly encourage those who are interested in culture or copyright to read his book


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