IFRRO welcomes new member from Romania

OperaScrisa.Ro (OSRO), the collector of the text and image levy in Romania, has been accepted by the IFRRO Board at its June meeting in Lilongwe as an Associate RRO member.

The Romanian legislation allows the establishment of RROs (and CMOs) only for authors. OperaScrisa.Ro is one of three RROs in Romania. It collaborates closely with IFRRO member CopyRo, which is one of the other approved RRO, and also with IFRRO member Visarta, the Romanian Visual Arts CMO, and the publishers associations. At the initiative of CopyRo, OperaScrisa.Ro has been appointed the collector of the text and image levies, for its further distribution to its members, the other two RROs, Visarta and the publishers’ association.

IFRRO now has 143 members in 78 countries.