IFRRO urges MEPs to support JURI Committee Copyright report

IFRRO has today urged Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to support the Parliament’s Legal Affairs (“JURI”) Committee report on the proposed Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market, adopted on 20 June, as the mandate for the upcoming trialogue negotiations with the Council and the European Commission.  

In a letter to MEPs, IFRRO highlights that it is in society's interest that authors and publishers, most of them being SMEs and micro companies, can continue to create and invest in quality materials. The sustainable delivery of diverse, quality content will help increase European citizens’ access to knowledge and promote cultural diversity across Europe, as well as increasing jobs and growth. It is important that authors and publishers are able to provide innovative and flexible licensing solutions, including collective management, for users. In IFRRO’s view, the JURI text, which was adopted by a clear majority of members, takes some important steps towards enabling this sustainability. 

While aspects of the JURI text could certainly be improved, it represents an important compromise, following a long period of in-depth discussions between MEPs from the various political groups and consultations with stakeholders. It is normal that any sort of compromise results in dissatisfaction, insofar as it represents mutual concessions from the various parties concerned. It would however be a mistake to jeopardise the EU’s copyright reform by going as far as rejecting the whole text as the mandate for negotiations in reaction to some of the louder, more powerful voices including global internet companies. 

IFRRO hopes that the upcoming trialogue discussions will result in a balanced final outcome ensuring sustainable delivery of diverse, innovative, quality content for Europe’s citizens.