IFRRO side event at the WIPO SCCR meetings: Easy access to copyright text and image works in education

On Tuesday, 9 December, at the 29th meeting of the WIPO SCCR (Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights), IFRRO organised a side event on Easy access to copyright works in education. RRO, author and publisher representatives from different regions of the world, with different language, cultural and economic backgrounds, offered examples on how they authorise the use of text and image works in education to meet demands from teachers and students. Presentations were made by the following people: 

Chantal Forgo of BBDA (the RRO in Burkina Faso): notes of her presentation, slides;
Magdalena Iraizoz of CADRA (Argentinean RRO), Magdalena Vinent of CEDRO (Spanish RRO);
Madeleine Pow of CLA (the RRO in the UK);
Dora Makwinja of COSOMA (Malawian RRO): notes of her presentation, slides;
Katie Webb of IAF (International Authors’ Forum): IAF's position statement, speech;
Richard Gedye of STM’s (International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical publishers association) Outreach programme;
and IFRRO’s CEO Olav Stokkmo.  

With this event, which was very well attended, IFRRO and its members have added to previous information, such as the publications Easy Access to Copyright works and Toolkit for licensing, and A Quick Guide to Seamless Access to Content,  on the advantages of collective management to support efforts that authors and publishers continue to make in order to offer easy access to copyright protected text and image works. It followed up similar previous events, which IFRRO has organised at WIPO SCCR meetings in July 2012 and May this year