IFRRO side event at the 27th SCCR WIPO meetings in Geneva

Digitisation and making available cultural heritage is increasingly on the agenda of governments and libraries around the world. On 1 May, in conjunction with the 27th meeting of the WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR), IFRRO organised an event on Digitisation and making available cultural heritage, with a main focus on solutions for Orphan Works and Out-of-Commerce Works. The purpose was to demonstrate to the SCCR delegates successful practices on making cultural heritage available to the public through collaboration between libraries, authors and publishers, and collective rights management and licensing by RROs.

The well attended event was introduced by the IFRRO President, Rainer Just, and moderated by the IFRRO CEO, Olav Stokkmo. It included presentations of the orphan works solution in Korea by Professor Hong Taek Chung, the President of KORRA, the Korean RRO, and of the EU Orphan Works Directive by Damian Schai of STM.

EVA’s Secretary General, Carola Streul, introduced the EC facilitated stakeholder Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on out-of-commerce books, whilst the head of the French National Library’s RELire project, Juliette Dutour and SOFIA’s Christian Roblin presented the French initiative to digitise and make available out-of-commerce works published in France before 2001, and Dr. Elisabeth Niggemann, the German National Library’s DG, the project to make available out-of-commerce works published in Germany before 1966. Both projects implement the EC facilitated MoU and are based on voluntary collective licensing.

Paola Mazzucchi concluded the presentation by demonstrating ARROW, the stakeholder developed electronic tool for rights information management that has allowed libraries to save up to 97.5% of the time and, presumably, costs involved in the search for information on authors, publishers, works and rights status, compared to the more cumbersome manual search for rights information.

All presentations given during the event are available here.