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IFRRO members' Education and Enforcement best practices

Submitted by veraliah on Tue, 10/11/2011 - 10:23
1. Campaigns
a) Copyright awareness
        ACCESS (Canada) - #AccessCopyright campaign
        AGECOP (Portugal) - GRANDE ©
        ALCS (United Kingdom) - What the Dickens? website
        Copyright Agency (Australia): Campaign for copyright Reading Australia
        Norwegian Translators Association, submitted by FIT -
        Awareness video (please use CC button for English subtitles) 
        Librius (Belgium) - Awareness campaign
        ProLitteris (Switzerland) - Campaign Respect Copyright!: Website (in French and German)
b) Education
        ALCS (United Kingdom): 
                            Wise up to Copyright 
                            Copyright education programmes
                            The Young Writer‘s Guide to Shakespeare
        ASMP (United States):
                Online copyright tutorial
                Two-hour seminar, available to be scheduled Sept - April
                Webinar series "The Future of Art & Commerce" presented Sept 2011-April 2012
        CCC (United States) - OnCopyright Education
        What is (and isn't) protected by copyright? / Other CCC education resources on Slideshare are available here.
        CEDRO (Spain) - Creando que es gerundio ("Making creation work")
        Es de libro (PPT); Website 
        Presentation about the campaignIssue #1; Issue #2; Issue #3; Issue #4
        CLA (United Kingdom) - Educational campaigns
                                   Copywatch website
                                   Dedicated schools website
                                   Schools Printed Music Licence
                                   Further education dedicated website
                                   Dedicated website for universities
 *Copyright and Schools - It gives information across all the CMO’s who licence schools in the UK
        COPIBEC (Canada) - Videos: for colleges, for K-12
        Copyright Agency (Australia) - Community Education Campaign
        FEP (Europe) - Campaign #CopyrightForFreedom
        Kopinor (Norway) - Fabelaktig formidling project, developed to inspire and give insight on cultural content within the Kopinor sphere, specifically for teachers. The webpage links to educational activities, relevant material, etc.
2. Campaign material
a) Posters:
        Assucopie (Belgium) - Poster 1; Poster 2
        CeMPro (Mexico) - Educational poster (in Spanish)
b) Flyers:
        COPIBEC (Canada) - Flyers 
Flyer Nourish the creative spirit: Respect copyright: English, French
Flyer Protect the creative environment: English, French 
        IRRO (India) - Awareness flyer
        ProLitteris (Switzerland) - Flyer
        SADEL (Chile) - Flyer for copyshops
        VG Musikedition (Germany) - Awareness flyers (in German)
                Flyer for nursery schools
                Flyer for music schools
                Flyer for churches
                Flyer for all users
c) Leaflets:
        KOPIOSTO (Finland) - Tekijänoikeuden ABC leaflet (in Finnish)
d) Videos/Podcasts:
        ASMP (United States)
                Video of 2010 Copyright Symposium
        CADRA (Argentina)
                Institutional video
        CDR (Colombia)
                Licencing campaign -audio insert radio broadcasters (mp3 file, in Spanish)
        Kopinor (Norway) - Animated video, showing an inspirational visit from Kopinor in a classroom. The Kopinor licence enables photocopying, downloading and digital copying of educational copyright-protected material; it is not necessary that the rightholders ask for permission in each case. It’s magic!
e) Publications:
f) Power Point Presentations:
        Assucopie (Belgium) - "Arts & crafts Assucopie" presentation (in French)
        OSDEL (Greece) - Awareness material
        VG Musikedition (Germany) - PPT (presentation) for nursery schools
g)     Newspaper ads: 
        Copyright Agency (Australia) - Your staff infringe copyright
3. Portals 
        CCC (United States) - OnCopyright Resources
Documents to Legislators: 
        The Authors Guild’s letter, addressed to the U.S. House Judiciary Committee, reminds members of U.S. Congress that Internet piracy directly harms authors’ ability to make a living. The letter asks the Congress for help in fighting piracy. The Authors Guild’s press release is here
Anti-piracy activities:
        CADRA (Argentina) - Antipiracy Program
        CeMPro (Mexico) - Antipiracy Program - Daños causados por la piratería editorial (video)
Legal actions: 
        CLA (United Kingdom)
               One year after legal action, forty-six local authorities take CLA licence


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Education and Enforcement best practices