IFRRO at the ARIPO’s second Symposium on Copyright and Related Rights

On 12-13 June, ARIPO held its second Symposium on Copyright and Related Rights at their headquarters in Harare, Zimbabwe.aripo_june_2018_1.jpgParticipants from eighteen African countries and from ARIPO’s partners such as IFRRO, WIPO, CISAC, and IPA also attended the meetings. With the overall theme "Shaping the Copyright and Related Rights System in Africa”, the participants of the symposium discussed over the two days of meetings the key role of copyright in the continent. 

During the event it was acknowledged that as the online digital era has continued to evolve rapidly, Africa has not managed yet to follow the speed of such evolution and therefore a number of digital opportunities are going missing. Additionally, CMOs are still facing important challenges when trying to achieve a coordinated approach to managing online markets and effective enforcement.

In her presentation, Caroline Morgan, CEO of IFRRO, talked about IFRRO’s work and the priorities in the region while highlighting the achievements of IFRRO’s African members. Among the key priorities for the continent, IFRRO will be working on communication, policy and legislation, capacity building and growing partnerships with key stakeholders, while continuing working with the member RROs in the region, announced Morgan.