German Parliament adopts new provisions regarding the share for publishers

The German Parliament adopted a new legislation on author’s contractual law and new provisions regarding the publisher share issue, as part of the new legislation. The new legal rules were finally approved by the Bundestag on December 15th and by the Bundesrat on December 16th. The publishers’ share provisions already entered into force on 24 December 2016.The new law makes it clear that joint collective management organization representing authors and publishers have a legal basis. 
IFRRO’s German RRO member, VG WORT, following its statutes, has provided joint administration since its foundation in 1958. This model has safeguarded and secured the implementation of copyright exploitation rights and claims to remuneration on behalf of authors and publishers. The decision of the German Parliament is to be welcomed as a clear signal of approval for this model. 
However, the above mentioned changes to the German legislation have introduced an interim regime only. European legislation on the publisher share issue remains necessary and should be adopted as soon as possible. 
For more information, please find here a translation of the press release prepared by VG WORT.