EC adopts a digital agenda for Europe.

The European Commission has published a communication, setting out a digital agenda, which outlines seven priority areas for action. Though most of these actions focus on technologies, access to it, research and development, one area is of particular concern for IFRRO and its members: the creation of a digital single market. Today, Europe is still a patchwork of national online markets. Commercial and cultural content and services need to flow across borders.

Among the measures to be taken to improve the completion of the digital single market, Vice-President Kroes announced that the EC should create a legal framework to facilitate the digitisation and dissemination of cultural works in Europe by proposing a Directive on orphan works by 2010, to conduct a dialogue with stakeholders with a view to further measures on out-of print works.

The agenda shows the Commission supports for the ARROW project as the proposal for a directive and the dialogue should be complemented by rights information databases.

In addition a directive on collective rights management will be proposed in the course of this year, which will aim to enhance the governance, transparency and pan European licensing for (online) rights management.

As regards other non legislative actions, the Commission is planning to organize an extensive stakeholder dialogue that should lead to a report in 2012 on the further need of measures in the area of copyright management. This will be prepared by a  Green Paper on the online distribution of audiovisual content and other creative works.

A report on the review of the enforcement directive should be presented in 2012. It will evaluate the need for additional measures to combat online piracy.