CWWCS sues Apple for unauthorised distribution of copyrighted material

As reported by the Chinese financial newspaper Caixin, the IFRRO member, China Written Works Copyright Society (CWWCS) has filed a formal suit against Apple, claiming that the company’s iBooks electronic book store is distributing the works of a consortium of Chinese writers without their permission. The suit seeks 11.91 million yuan (about US$1.9 million) in compensation for infringement of 37 works (see:

Apple, who is allegedly offering the content for sale via distributors on its iBooks service, keeps 30 percent of all e-book sales through iBooks, while forwarding 70 percent of the revenue to the e-books’ publisher. Apple’s terms of service and publishers’ agreements prohibit unauthorised distribution of copyrighted material.

Previously, the CWWCS has launched infringement proceedings against Google and China’s Baidu search engine. In March 2011, Baidu claimed to have removed almost three million pirated items from its service. The CWWCS also received a formal apology from Google in January 2010 for including about 18,000 unauthorised works from 579 Chinese authors in its Google Books database (source: