Copibec won the ability to commence a class action against Université Laval 

The Quebec Court of Appeal has authorized Copibec to start a class action against Université Laval on behalf of all authors and publishers from Quebec, the rest of Canada and other countries. This decision overturns the February 2016 ruling by the Honourable Justice Beaupré of the Quebec Superior Court. 
Since June 2014, Université Laval has decided not to renew its global licence with Copibec and rely only on its interpretation of fair dealing, allowing reproduction of up to 10% of a work, a chapter of a book or an article without permission from rights holders nor remuneration for those authors and publishers whose works are being copied in course packs sold to students or made available to them online. It’s known that the Quebec City-based university copies more than 11 million pages from over 7,000 works each year and it is the only educational institution in Quebec that has not renewed the license with Copibec that would allow them to reproduce copyrighted material legally. Copibec’s press release on the matter can be read here