Copibec adopts blockchain technology for copyright management 

In a press release, Copibec, one of IFRRO’s Canadian RRO members, announced that they are adopting blockchain technology to manage copyright. The initiative is the result of an agreement with Montreal start-up Scenarex, a leading developer of digital publishing solutions built on blockchain technology. The partnership between Copibec and Scenarex will deliver an automated copyright management platform for businesses that use copyright-protected content.

Through the new platform, Copibec plans to meet a key need for those users who are committed to complying with copyright while ensuring that content can be shared smoothly within their organizations. Thanks to the use of this technology copyright owners will be able to count on a more efficient approach to copyright management.

Frédérique Couette, Copibec’s Executive Director, said that “Since the Internet era began, creators have been searching for ways to prevent their content from being shared illegally online. Blockchain technology is a promising step forward (…) It will allow copyright owners to measure how their content is being used and then be paid fairly for that use.”