Chairman of Repronig calls for an adequate protection of IP rights

Professor Olu Obafemi, Chairman of IFRRO’s Nigerian RRO member Repronig, published an opinion piece in the newspaper The Daily Sun in which he gives details about the link between growth, employment and a strong protection of Intellectual Property rights.

In his passionate plea for a better protection of these rights and a fair remuneration for rightholders, Pr. Obafemi reminds readers  that Intellectual Property “is an instrument for economic advancement, which could be utilized to transform developing countries to industrialized economies”. He also reflects on the last meeting of the IFRRO African Development Committee in June 2014 in Lilongwe, Malawi, during which Repronig, along with other African RROs representatives, reiterated its commitment to work and ensure that creators be “adequately rewarded” and their works “adequately protected”.

Professor Obafemi’s opinion can be read here.