Chair of the Book Publishers Association of Israel comments on current situation in the country

Racheli Edelman, Chair of the Book Publishers Association of Israel (BPAI), a member of IFRRO, has given an interview to the International Publishers Association on the current situation in Israel with respect to book publishing and collective management of rights.

She indicates that following the adoption of a fixed book price law in 2014, it took some months for the market to adapt to the new legislation and it seems now that users have access to a wider choice of books than before. Regarding secondary uses of copyright-protected works in Israel and in particular in the education, Ms. Edelman recalls that educational institutions continue to “scan and photocopy without permission or without paying the copyright owners”. Attempts to sign a licence with the Ministry of Education and with universities have not succeeded so far, and the Israeli rightholders are now looking forward to the revision in 2017 of a private settlement agreement signed by two publishers and the Hebrew University to renegotiate a proper remuneration for the copying of works.

Olav Stokkmo, Chief Executive of IFRRO, commented on the use of copyright-protected works in educational institutions, drawing attention to the fact that “such uses are being authorised in many countries throughout the world through RROs, to the benefit of both authors and publishers, users and society” and therefore emphasising that “the situation in Israel could be greatly improved by establishing a RRO”. Following the successful seminar organised in Jerusalem by the BPAI and IFRRO at the beginning of February 2015, IFRRO will continue to support the work of Israeli rightholders to establish a RRO and licence the uses of copyright-protected works.

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