Burkina Faso RRO begins distribution

BBDA, IFRRO’s RRO member in Burkina Faso, made its first payments to literary artists for reprographic rights on 27 September 2010.  This represents an important step forward in collective management of text and image based works in Africa and in Less Developed Countries (LDCs).  In announcing the distribution, BBDA expressed its thanks to IFRRO, WIPO and IFRRO’s Swiss member, ProLitteris, for their help, encouragement and the benefit of their invaluable experience.

Olav Stokkmo, the IFRRO CEO, welcomed the news and commented “I am very pleased with the development of the activities at BBDA, the way they have addressed the administration of reprographic rights including the distribution of collected fees, and the results they have achieved. BBDA is truly a leading organisation in collective management of rights on the African continent, not least thanks to highly competent leadership and the quality and commitment of its staff.”