Australian Research Finds Copyright Industries Delivering Jobs and Innovation

A major economic report released in Australia last month found that the nations copyright-based industries such as music, publishing and film continue to make a significant contribution to the national economy.

The report, undertaken by PwC for the Australian Copyright Council, was released by the Parliamentary Secretary for Industry and Innovation, The Hon Mark Dreyfus QC, MP in Parliament House, Canberra.

The PwC report found that in 2011 Australia’s copyright industries:
• generated AUD$93.2 billion in economic activity (6.6 percent of GDP);
• accounted for just over AUD$7 billion in exports (2.9 percent of all exports);and
• employed more than 906,000 people (8 percent of the nationʼs workforce).

The Chair of the Australian Copyright Council said the report demonstrates how important the copyright industries are to the Australian economy.

“In an economic environment where Australia is slowly emerging from the GFC, where the mining and resource sectors dominate our economy and when the Australian dollar is at record highs copyright industries continue to drive innovation and make a significant contribution to our economy.

It is clear the copyright industries are in a state of transition as they respond to emerging distribution platforms and new consumer demands. As a result, the copyright industries are coming up with new ways of delivering content to consumers that are innovative and affordable”.

The PwC report – The Economic Contribution of Australiaʼs Copyright Industries - is available for download at: